We're immortal you and I.
Harry didn't need another person worshipping him - he needed someone who would keep him based in
reality and challenge him.
And this one was Draco Malfoy

When the sun goes down, you are like the morning sun.

drarry + colours abound

to carry me, carry me down

The Magic Begins: Favourite Ship

↳ Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy

Some people… some times, there are things that have to be said, and things that are felt, that are so powerful they allow you to stay a little longer, to see them done justice.”

Burn let it all burn

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“He never leaves Harry, not even when Harry left him…”

HARRY/DRACO + WHITE (asked scaredpotter)


and before i realized it,
it became a habit

Burn let it all burn


And when you kiss me, I am happy enough to die

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you are the mess of me